Calamateur vs. Steve Lawson

by Calamateur vs. Steve Lawson

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Here's the press release we used when the album came out:

"This album is the fruit of a long friendship, a collaboration between two very different musical talents and a collection of beautiful, eerie songs.

Calamateur vs Steve Lawson finds Calamateur in a rare collaboration with another musician, the London-based, much demanded session musician, tour sideman and solo bass player, Steve Lawson.

Despite their studio polish, and the understated musical chops on display, the nine songs that have emerged from the Howie-Lawson collaboration are emotionally raw and spiritually bereft. There's far more pain and sense of loss and inadequacy on this album than on, say, The Old Fox of '45, or the Son of Everyone double EP. At times deeply unsettling, and often painfully confessional (even the instrumental tracks) the overwhelming sense is of beauty in a stark place; a desolate Antarctic wilderness of songs."


...and here's what I wrote about the album on my blog:

"‘Calamateur vs Steve Lawson‘ is a collaborative album I made with the bass player and looper Steve Lawson.

Most of the songs on this album started out as recordings I’d made in my own home studio. I then visited Steve at his home in London where we added his bass parts and made lots of fun noises together. I then took it all home and spent weeks editing and mixing what we’d done.

I’m really proud of this album. It’s definitely one of my more left-field releases but I still think the combination of my quietly-sung acoustic songs mixed with Steve’s ethereal bass makes for some pretty beautiful music, particularly the tracks ‘Wonder’, ‘How Long’ and ‘Endo’."



released January 10, 2007

Calamateur: Guitar, vocals, loops, electronica
Steve Lawson: Bass, loops, electronica

All songs written, arranged and produced by Andrew Howie and Steve Lawson.

Recorded at Autoclave Noiselab, Beauly and Pillow Mountain Studios, London.

Mixed by A.H. at Autoclave Noiselab except 4 & 5 mixed by A.H. & S.L. at Pillow Mountain Studios.

Mastered by Iain Hutchison at Glo-Worm Studios, Glasgow.

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Track Name: Wonder
They used you up
They beat you to a pulp
They filled you up with drugs
They stole your strength to love

And you wonder why I have no time for you now
When you've asked me to help you
But I don't know how
And the closest you've come to forgiveness in years
Is forgetting your anger and fighting your fears
But you know that that's not enough

Is this the last chance I'll have
To drag you back
To try to give a gift you can't receive
To fail to be the rescuer you need

And you wonder why I have no time for you now
When you've asked me to help you
But I don't know how
And the closest you've come to forgiveness in years
Is forgetting your anger and fighting back tears
But you know that that's not enough
Track Name: How Long
It's the right time it's the right place
There's no more than there was before
The curtains are drawn, supplies have run dry
There's no more wood left on the fire

How long
How long

I can't find a reason to be scared
Not now I know that you'll be there
Not now I know there are no guarantees
And your company's better than my safety

How long
How long
Track Name: Even After
Even after all this time you're still afraid to say my name
And after all your questioning you still think I won't feel the same

And I wonder if you try
And I wonder if you try

Even after gaining freedom you still feel the need to lie
And after all the love I've promised you are still afraid to die

And I wonder if you try
And I wonder if you try

I wonder if you try
Track Name: Unimagined
Unimagined, unsupported me

Our dreams and ideas on the altar of crude reality
Believing in nothing and quietly dying in our sleep
Track Name: Endo
I am not hopeless
I am not strong
I hang here useless
I don't perform

I don't despair
I can't complain
This powerless body
Is racked with your blame

Remember this weakness
This motionless death
I speak beginnings
You remember the rest

The city kept moving
The sky kept it's hue
The world kept on turning
So I could keep you
Track Name: Lie in Wait
I turn around, my heart is bound by you

Do you mistake my tears for joy, I don't know why
Do you mistake my words for silence in your mind

And I am not yours anymore
No I am not yours anymore

And I'll take the road out of here
I won't be the one who draws you near
I can't lie in wait for your mistakes
The biggest one you'll ever make

I turn around, my heart is bound by you